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It's obvious, if you know where to look... - Bob Kleemann [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Kleemann

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It's obvious, if you know where to look... [May. 15th, 2011|06:27 pm]
Bob Kleemann
I'm getting dressed on Thursday morning and I notice that one of my three wallets is missing.  It's not the ID wallet, nor the money wallet, it's the club-card wallet, containing some coupons, club and membership cards, and a few other things.  Nothing that important or worrisome if it stays missing.  Still, it's kind of annoying to figure out what was in there and get replacements.  So I start off by looking around the house, and I can't find it.  I think maybe it fell out in the car, so I proceed to scrounge around the car as well, and I still don't find anything.  I think of the last place I knew I had it, which was at work Wednesday evening, so I go to work and retrace my steps.  I don't find it, but I ask around and eventually send an email to everyone at the office asking if they might have seen it.  Nobody mentions anything, but I consider that it might have been picked up by the nighttime cleaning crew, so I talk to one of the evening security guards and ask them to politely query the cleaning crew.  24 hours after I last knew I had the wallet, and I have had no luck in finding it since.  Hrmph...  What else can I try.

I call the restaurant we ate at the previous night, no luck.  I go to the neighborhood where we parked and ask some of the people living near where we parked, still no luck.  At this point, I'm out of ideas, and head home.

I mention my missing wallet to my wife, and proceed to look for it again in all the same places I searched that morning, plus a few others.  No luck.  At this point I figure I'll give up.  Either somebody will contact me with it (it has my business card in it), or I'll consider it a loss.

And then the wallet decides that it's tired of playing hide-and-seek, and my wife finds it laying in almost plain sight.  The black wallet was hiding among the dark-brown blanket covering the bed.  I have no idea how it got there, but I'm more than happy to not have to worry about the disappearance anymore, and I'm more than happy to thank my wife for finding it.