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Oh yeah... - Bob Kleemann [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Oh yeah... [Sep. 5th, 2005|10:34 pm]
Bob Kleemann
It occurs to me that I should probably talk about everything else that has happened this summer.  Scratch that, I should just blog more, but just to catch people up to date I'll run through this quick update.

The most surprising news of the summer is tkil's engagment.  The news was such a surprise to everyone that a FAQ had to be generated.  Everyone, including myself, is wishing them the best.

Also, my parents are now locals, they just bought a condo in this corner of the world.  They are not planning on moving out here, it just means they'll be out to visit more often, which I'm quite pleased with.

Hmm, seems like there was more when I started writing this, but I can't seem to think about it now.